Electric Heaters



At the top of each model of stove you can place a comfortable essence evaporator , useful for releasing fragrances of essential oils, diluted in water or colored sands which are impregnated with perfume, into the air. 

It can also be mounted on models which also have small table.

Personalized decorations available.

For more examples and dimensions, see the section "STOVES" - "Electric Stoves."



Decoration – Blueberry and Juniper


Green gneis "Spluga"


Sanded soapstone "Piuro"


Brusched soapstone "Piuro"


Decoration – Carnia Green



Decoration – Carnia Orange


Decoration "Vasari" 1


Decoration "Vasari" 2


Decoration "Vasari" 3


Decoration "Vasari" 4


Decoration - Sea buckthorn


Decoration - Navelwort




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