Wood Stoves


Complete assembly without adhesives

In our warehouse, tests for the optimal installation, performance and operation of all stoves are performed. After a thorough check, they are then dismantled to be carried to their destination.


The outstanding feature of this innovative stove is not only determined by high performance and low weight, but also by specific measures that will make it more functional.

All elements, including the brick interior of the combustion chamber and the smoke turns, are assembled without the use of glues or mortars, which are used in traditional Alpine stoves. 



That's why you can mount it and, if necessary, dismount it easily to move or replace, as required, each element of the covering.



In addition to the internal elements the outer covering is also tested . For an thorough assessment of the possible combinations of the stone elements that make up the coating, the plates are distributed on the floor and then, based on the arrangement of the grain, will be positioned in their place.



The checks on the construction and operation of our products have been carried out in accordance with the procedures dictated by the latest European standards regarding the slow heat release appliances.

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