Wood Stoves

Obtain the maximum

A few simple steps to get the best from an excellent combustion


It 's important to remember to use well-seasoned wood, with a low percentage of moisture.



Stack the wood pieces prepared 

with the kindling on top, in order 

to encourage a more rapid 



Place the firestarting cube in the 

vicinity of the kindling, in the 

upper part of the stack.
Starting the stove

Push the lever of the ventilator to 

the right position for a few minutes, 

which is the open position and this

will help to start the combustion.

When the flame is well underway,  

shift the lever to the central 

position and let the flame ignite 

the remaining wood.




During this phase, the heat that 

has been released from wood 

goes to heat the cinder blocks, 

the storage mass of of the stove.
Turning off the stove

When the  combustion is finished 

push the lever to the left, in the 

closed position. The material 

inside will transfer its heat to the 

outer coating.



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