Wood Stoves



Thanks to the innovative project, with special attention to careful design, KarniaFire has maintained the high yields of traditional storage stoves and at the same time reducing their volumes and weights. A steel container, resistant to high temperatures, hermetically encloses the combustion chamber, constructed with special refractory modular elements, which are dry mounted and then the desired covering is added. Both the inner chamber and the outer casing are assembled without the use of any adhesive.

The use of natural stone and the most suitable refractory blocks have the ability to draw out the most energy possible from the flame, accumulate it and then release it slowly and in a gradual manner. This  makes it possible for us to load up the stove less frequently and also reduces the consumption. It should be sufficent to load up the stove twice daily, once every 12 hours, in order to have the energy needed to maintain a stable and comfortable temperature in the home environment with a consequent saving of money and a clear reduction of pollution.

It is well known that the infrared rays emitted by natural stones favor the transmission of radiated heat, diminish the phenomenon of air circulation and eliminate harmful movements of dust. This way of transmitting heat, imparts a feeling of well-being to the recipient: warms the body, objects and walls of the surrounding area evenly while maintaining the temperature of the air fresh and breathable, preserving the ideal humidity and obtaining the correct level of comfort.

By choosing the ideal covering, which is promoted by dry mounting, you can optimize the coordination to any decor. Soapstone in different finishes, different gneiss of the Alps, natural or glazed basalt lava and hand decorated majolica, allow multiple customizations of the stove. For the more demanding customers it possible to cover the insert stove with traditional masonry or with the finest local or imported granite.

Thanks to the modularity of the components of both the heater and accessories, there is a reduction of  assembly and construction time, which are executed completely without glue or mortar, facilitating a possible move or relocation.

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