Innovation in the tradition of heat

Thanks to the experience acquired over years of collaboration and consultancy services for companies in the wood heating sector, Karniafire began as a production company with the intent to create low pollution and energy efficient heating products:  high quality stoves made with the most appropriate and valuable materials to construct unique and functional heaters in accordance with European standards.
After the development of the first models of  wood heaters which are fully assembled dry, the next step was the examination and construction of the line of electric heaters. Even in this case, like the wood stoves, most of the heat is accumulated and transferred over time by  irradiation.

The mountain has taught us values


Our office is nestled between the Alpi Carniche mountains in Friuli, a few kilometers from Austria and Slovenia. We are familiar with  long, harsh winters and appreciate the value of a cozy space to live.

In the winter season the few hours of light that brighten the short days are barely sufficient to maintain life in the world around us. The few weak rays of the sun, from sunrise to sunset,  gently caress us but are still too close to the horizon to warm our cold limbs completely.



Each of us has dreamed of being able to lock up the sun's energy to use it at will and make our homes warm and hospitable. Nature, thanks to it's gifts, meets and facilitates the fulfilment  of our dreams.


We just have to gather what it offers and use this opportunity in the best possible way, sparingly and with due respect for the environment itself.


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