Electric Heaters

How it works


The use of Photovoltaic panels, an alternative energy source.

It is probably the cleanest way to produce energy. Sunlight belongs to and is available to everybody.


Principles of photovoltaic panel operation

Each module consists of photovoltaic cells consisting of elements made of thin slices of silicon connected to each other.
When the silicon (semiconductor material) is hit by sunlight it is "stimulated" and develops an electrical charge which then creates a direct electric current. This energy, suitably converted by an inverter into alternating current, can be used directly or, in case of excessive production, can be sold to the national electric company.



Possible use of solar panels

Take the energy from the sunlight and convert it into heat. In this way you can "take the sun home."
Even on the coldest days we can enjoy the emitted radiated heat of the stones or tiles, heated by electricity generated by the panels.


Comparison of the various heating systems

The radiated heat changes the natural stratification of the air in the room.
The vertical walls of the stove transmit heat horizontally * reducing the circulation of air and suspended dust which, on the other hand, increases with the use of other types of heating systems.




* Recommended as the most ecological and healthy solution for people by all regulations regarding green architecture.



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