Electric Heaters

Obtain the maximum

It should be said that, to obtain a good result, it is necessary that the dwelling has appropriate insulation, needs little energy to be heated and has not excessive heat dispersions.
Being able to take advantage of places with these characteristics, and to be able to heat them with low cost energy, will be possible with just a few practical suggestions.

Considering that the heating system uses the principle of radiation, to get the correct amount of heat for a comfortable surrounding, it is crucial to bring all the zones of the rooms to the same temperature.  To do this effectively it will be advisable to place the heating stove in the most central position possible in the room in such a way that the heat is diffused by evenly dispersed radiation

If it not possible to position the stove in a central position but if it must be positioned near a wall, it would be preferable for it to be an internal wall and would be advisable to install a mirror to the adjoining wall and to apply a thin layer of insulating material under the mirror.  In this way, the waves of heat emitted by the stone, or ceramic, will not be absorbed unnecessarily into the wall itself, and then dispersed by thermal transference, but would be reflected and sent back inside the room.

This arrangement can also be applied for the use of Wood Stove OTA and CIR models.



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