Wood Stoves


How a storage stove works

  • Two loads per day (from a minimum of one to a maximum of three) are sufficent to obtain the e-Energy needed to maintain a comfortable living environment.

  • The amount of wood introduced will burn in about an hour, accumulating the heat supplied by combustion, and then will release it very slowly by radiation through the cover.

  • In our case, radiated heat starts to be released through the glass and heats the objects in front of it, even in the hour in which the stone is accumulating heat.

Frequenza di carica giornaliera della legna

  • Even in the presence of only embers, it will not be necessary to reload the stove but it will be sufficient to comply with the intervals of loading provided in the instruction booklet.

  • The surface temperatures of the coating are very uniform and, consequently, change the natural stratification of the air inside the building keeping a homogeneous warmth.

Temperature superficiali della stufe a legna

  • The vertical walls of the stove transmit heat horizontally * (with the same principle of a wall heating system) reducing the circular movements and the suspension of dust in the air, which are present in the use of floor systems.


Recommended as the most ecological and healthy heating solution for people by all ecological architectual regulations

  • The cleaning and the removal of the ash should be performed every month and not weekly, as in the most common wood stoves, or every other day, as in the pellet stove.

  • The system does not make the slightest noise and requires no fans or electrical connections.

  • Compared to a classical heating systems with radiators or the most common stoves the saving in consumption can be sustantial.
  • Because of its modular construction we do not use any type of glue or hazardous material.

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