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Preparation of ceramic

How our pottery is born
The oldest elements, which are essential for  making every single piece of the covering, are nothing but earth, water, air and fire. Combined together they become real treasures.
Clay is an powder-like earthy material formed by the decomposition of rocks. Depending on it's impurities, it takes on  different colors and graininess. The main characteristic is determined by the plasticity that it assumes with the addition of water.


The chamotte is a baked, ground clay that is used to reduce the shrinkage of the mixture and confers a greater resistance to temperature changes.

The mixture is a homogeneous combination  of purified clays, which is prepared to meet the required characteristics of mechanical resistance, thermal expansion and the finish of the surface.

The enamels dyes, normally in powder or liquid, are the result of a mixture of oxides with a base of opacifying dyes, with a low content of flux. After their application on the biscuit (the material that has undergone a first firing), the slabs are fired again to the specific melting temperature of the enamel.


The crystallines are clear glassy coatings: they can be transparent glossy, transparent matte, satin, crackle or colored. They are applied like the enamels on the biscuit or over the enamels themselves to give a higher gloss, thickness or special effects to the  finish.





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