Wood Stoves


The creation of each stove


Thanks to the new project, and the attention made to the careful design, we have been able to keep the high efficiency of traditional storage stoves while substantially reducing the volumes and weights.



The materials used for the construction of the mechanical parts of our stoves are  specific 30/10 COR-TEN and 316L stainless steel, particularly suitable to resist corrosion. The preparation of the pieces of the metal sheets is performed with  precision laser cutting 



The feasibility and the end result of the fold are verified early on in the planning stage. The use of press brakes, combined with the traditional solution CAD/ CAM, ensures the accuracy of the semi-finished product ready for welding.



Once the assembly of mechanical parts has been  completed they are then stored in a warehouse. Only then the choice of the modular elements that make up the stove can be made according to the needs of each individual order.

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