Electric Heaters



Laser cut

All the steel plates of FE360, FE510 and AISI304, used to build our heater, are made by laser cutting.


Bending strain


The regular check of the bends guarantees the correct completion of each element.

The viability and the bending method are already checked at the planning stage. The use of bending presses, together with CAD/CAM tools, guarantees a high quality of the finished product for the assembly of the different pieces before the welding.



After the welding


After the welding the pieces are polished and checked before being accurately washed. Then they are painted and dried in the oven at a temperature of 180° degrees for more than an hour.


Preparation of the materials for mounting

Collection of the different elements that make up the stove considering the needs of each order.

Each piece is dry-assembled thereby not using any bonding agent.




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