Wood Stoves

Preparation of stones

Nature offers the best stones

It took millions of years to create materials that present themselves to us giving the opportunity to enjoy the outstanding features of accumulation and radiation.

 Before the choice of material to be extracted is made,  there are surveys and tests made to determine the quality of the stone 


In the preparation of the extraction of the blocks, a technique of cutting using a diamond wire is used



The blocks, thus prepared, are extracted and then transported to the sawmill. The selection of the boulder, for the subsequent sectioning, is performed according to the peculiarities of the material and the type of use that will be made.


The subdivision of the freshly cut slabs, is made by considering the specific characteristic of the stone and the arrangement of the grain.



After the necessary processing, the slabs are  cataloged and stored according to each individual marbled effect.



The possible combinations of the individual elements will be experimented with during the preparation and assembly to obtain a final prestigious result .



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