Electric Heaters



KarniaFire, with it's research into new electric storage heaters HRS was able to create functional heating elements that can be inserted in prestigious areas which don't have a chimney or where, for safety reasons, open flames are not allowed.

Thanks to this technology, it's fun to decorate, furnish and warm every room in the house, the ideal solution even for the coolest corners which become cosy and warm.

The assortment of coverings offered are all  specially chosen stones, suitable for heat transfer by radiation, such as Piuro soapstone,  Green Spluga Gneiss,  the Grey Soglio Gneiss, all with different possible finishes: honed, polished, brushed or granigliate. The basalt lava, in addition to the above processes, can be customized with colored glazes; the same applies to the decorated ceramics.

As these stoves have  a large exchange surface, they can fully exploit the storage capacity and the excellent characteristics of natural radiation of the materials selected. This way of transmission of heat gives the recipient a feeling of well-being: warms the body, objects and walls of the room evenly, while maintaining the temperature of the air cool and breathable with the correct level of humidity.

Considering the consumption of electricity they need, they become ideal solution to transform energy produced by photovoltiac panels into soothing radiated heat.  You can choose between the small HRS600, the intermediate HRS1200 and the largest HRS1800.

All models are available in coverings made of stones or with the most suitable ceramics, available in various colors, or hand-painted majolica.

Made by Bo.Di.