Wood Stoves


Less than a minute once a month to get rid of excess ash

Thanks to the convenient accessories included with your stove it's easy to clean.

Open the door

Clean only if necessary. If you 

make a single load every day 

it will be sufficient to clean once 

every two months.

Position the box

Placing the ash container into its 

proper position there will be no 

leakage of ash from the box
Remove the ember protective

Remove the ember protection 

device from its position to 

facilitate the extraction.
Remove the ash

Using the scoop accessory 

remove the ash letting  it fall 

into the box.

Clean the threshold

If necessary you can eliminate 

the small amount of residue from 

the threshold with the brush to 

facilitate the repositioning of the 

ember protection device.

Insert the protection

After removing the ash container 

and repositioning the ember 

protection device you can fill the 

stove with the new load of wood.


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